The following program demonstrates how to Search a tuple in Python.

Here’s a program to search for a value in a tuple in Python.

# Create a tuple of numbers
numbers = (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

# The value to search for
search_value = 3

# Use a for loop to search for the value in the tuple
found = False
for number in numbers:
  if number == search_value:
    found = True

# Print the result
if found:
  print("Value found in the tuple.")
  print("Value not found in the tuple.")

In this program, we first create a tuple of numbers. Then, we define a value to search for search_value. We use a for loop to iterate over the numbers in the tuple and check if each number is equal to the search_value using the equality operator (==). If the value is found, we set the found flag to True and break the loop. Finally, we check the value of the found flag and print a message indicating whether the value was found in the tuple.

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