Python List Practice Exercise

The Python List Practice Exercise given below consists of simple programs on python lists. Basically, list is a data structure in python that contains multiple elements. Moreover, all elements in a python list need not be of the same data type. Further, the values in a list are not unique. In other words we can have duplicate values in a list.

Also, all list items are ordered. Therefore, whenever we add a new item in the list, it will always inserted at the end of the list. Further, a list in python is mutable. Unlike tuples, which is another collection in python, the methods applied on a list can change it.

The following section contains some of the basic questions and their solutions making use of the lists.

  1. Print a list using a for loop. Also, print the number of elements in the list.
  2. A Program to find the sum and average of list elements in python.
  3. Reversing list elements using for loop and swapping elements.
  4. Find difference between minimum and maximum elements in a list.
  5. Remove duplicate elements from a list and create another list containing only unique elements from the previous list.
  6. Program to show how to Count Element Frequencies in a List in Python

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