Data Visualization Practice Exercise

The following article on Data Visualization Practice Exercise shows few practical problems on Data Visualization in Python. Also, their solutions are provided with these problems.

The upcoming problems may appear elementary, yet they hold value for anyone seeking to grasp these concepts. Whether you’re taking your initial steps into data visualization or already possess some familiarity with the field, these problems will effectively enhance your proficiency in this domain.

Basic Data Visualization Practice Exercise

Problem 1

Load the dataset from ‘ecommerce_dataset.csv’ and display the first 10 rows.

Problem 2

Create a bar chart that shows the top 10 products by quantity sold.

Problem 3

Generate a line chart that displays the trend of total sales over time (monthly).

Problem 4

Create a scatter plot showing the relationship between price and quantity sold.

Problem 5

Generate a histogram for the distribution of prices in the dataset.

Problem 6

Create a pie chart showing the percentage distribution of products sold.

Problem 7

Calculate and display the total revenue for each customer using a stacked bar chart.

Problem 8

Create a heatmap to visualize the correlation between quantity, price, and total revenue.

Problem 9

Create a box plot for the distribution of quantities sold.

Problem 10

Generate a bar chart that shows the number of transactions each day of the week (Monday to Sunday).

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Data Visualization Practice Exercise


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