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Python Project Ideas for Undergraduate Students


Python is a versatile programming language that students love to work with. Accordingly, it will remain one of the most popular languages in the coming years. Hence, when you start learning python, it is helpful to develop some projects. It will enable you to develop a practical approach to learning the language. Therefore, here we list some of the Python Project Ideas for Undergraduate Students.

Popular Python Project Ideas

The following list provides popular Python Project Ideas.

Salary Prediction System using Machine Learning

Often people want t know how their career will grow after certain years. Consequently, the salary in a job profile depends on a number of factors including years of experience. There exist a number of machine learning techniques that we can use for prediction including linear regression, supervised machine learning techniques like the random forest, or Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). Also, the python packages like pandas, seaborn, matplotlib, and sklearn provide many ready-to-use features that you can use to create a model.

Detection of False or Fake News

A large number of fake news can be easily spread through social media and online news websites. Since the fake news not only creates unrest in the society there is a fear of spreading violence also. Hence, distinguishing between fake news and real news is important. Basically, you can use a labelled dataset of news articles with the labels being FAKE or REAL. After that, we can train a machine learning model using any of the supervised learning technique.

Face Recognition System

As can be seen, a face recognition system has applications in many areas of the real-world like authentication, identification, attendance marking, and surveillance. However, you need to implement any of the deep learning techniques for face recognition. Also, there are several deep learning libraries of python that you can use for face recognition. Hence, you can use python packages like TensorFlow, Keras, and OpenCV.

Disease Detection on Plant Leaves

Basically, you can create a machine learning model for detecting disease in plant leaves. For this purpose, first of all, you need to find a dataset that contains the classification of plant diseases. Then, you can use a deep learning technique like Convolution Neural Network (CNN) to train the model.

Prediction of Crime Rate

As the number of crimes is growing day-by-day, it is worthwhile to keep a watch on the crime rate in a particular city. Since the crime rate in a city determines how safe is a city for people. Hence, a prediction system that determines the crime rate may help people who want to migrate there or otherwise visit the city. While you can use clustering techniques to create a model, you can also use a regression model.

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Python Project Ideas for Undergraduate Students

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