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PHP Projects for Undergraduate Students


Although several different programming languages have gained popularity in recent years, the PHP language still remains popular among students. Since the best way to learn a language is by developing a project, students should develop some real-life projects during their college years. Accordingly, here you can get some ideas for creating some innovative PHP Projects.

Since, PHP is a web-based programming language, you can use it to create websites, and web applications.

Latest PHP Projects Ideas

The following section provides the description of some of the exciting projects that you can develop using PHP.

Four-Wheeler Rental System

Although there exist online car rental systems, the online four-wheeler rental system is a step ahead. Basically, the system can be designed to allow four-wheelers including cars and trucks to be rented by their owners. In fact, the system has many applications in logistics management where the trucks can be efficiently utilized. The web-based interface will provide an option for both customers and vehicle owners to use the system.

Online Food Ordering System

Since many such applications are already available, this project is a little bit different. As customers enter their choice of food, the application finds the most appropriate restaurants nearby to the user’s location. Hence, users don’t need to browse the long list of available restaurants.


As the name suggests, E-Hostel is an online application that aims to manage the complete workflow of a hostel. Ever since the student joins the hostel the application will manage every single task till he or she leaves the hostel. In brief, this inline application has modules for managing the admission process, billing, mess, rooms, house-keeping services, guest management, and outings.


Basically, it is an online application that aims to make the life of travellers easy by providing many online services. Hence, users need not approach various travel agencies to find out the available tour packages. It will provide information of various tourist destinations, the routes, nearby hotels, and places to visit. Furthermore, it will have the options for booking and cancellation as well as grievance redressal.

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