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Creating a Classified Ads Application in PHP


In this article, I will explain Creating a Classified Ads Application in PHP. Basically, this application serves as the final semester project for students at undergraduate level. A classified ads website is an important application. Since it allows people to post their ads for free thereby increasing the opportunities for higher revenue. Here I will explain the architecture of this application and its important components.

Further, the application has three types of users – admin, customer, and user. While the admin is responsible for maintaining the website, users, advertisement posts, and communicating with other users. Customers can post their advertisements, both paid and free and interact with the admin. Also, the anonymous users can view advertisements, categories and post comments.

Therefore, this project has three main modules – admin module, customer module, and user module.

Admin Module

The following list describes the functions of the admin module.

  1. View advertisement posts
  2. Approve/Disapprove a post
  3. Delete a post
  4. View Message
  5. Reply Message
  6. Create Category
  7. Update Category
  8. Delete Category
  9. View Profile
  10. Create User
  11. Delete User

Customer Module

The following list describes the functions of the customer module.

  1. Post advertisement
  2. View Message
  3. Send Message
  4. Track Post Status
  5. Create Profile
  6. Update Profile
  7. Delete Profile
  8. Delete a post

User Module

The following list describes the functions of the user module.

  1. View advertisements
  2. View Category
  3. Post comments
  4. View comments

Database Design

After that, we need to focus on database design. Essentially, the application need to have following tables.

  1. User
  2. Adverisements
  3. Posts
  4. Category
  5. Message
  6. Replies
  7. Profile

The above list represents the essential entities. However, you can have additional tables for advertisement cost and revenue also.

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