How to Learn Python Programming?

In this article on How to Learn Python Programming, I will provide simple code examples. These basic examples will help you learn the language quickly and easily.

Basically, any programming language requires coding practice. The following code examples present basic python programs.

  1. Display text on the console.
  2. Compute the area of a circle.
  3. How to find the average of three numbers.
  4. Create a calculator to perform arithmetic operations.
  5. Write a program for condition checking.
  6. Demonstrate the use of various data types in python using a program.
  7. Write a program to Demonstrate with examples how for loop works in python.
  8. Create a program to show how logical operators work in python.
  9. Write a program to create a simple addition quiz in python.
  10. Create a program to compute BMI.
  11. Demonstrate how the dictionary works in python.
  12. How to find whether a number is even or odd?

How to Learn Python Programming – Tuples and Lists

  1. Create a simple tuple in python.
  2. Write a program to create and use a list in python.
  3. How to creates a list of numbers from 1-20 that are either divisible by 2 or divisible by 4 without using filter function?
  4. Write a program to create a list of numbers in the range 1 to 10. Then delete all the even numbers from the list and print the final list.
  5. How to remove all duplicates from a list?
  6. Demonstrate simple functions on a list.
  7. How to search an element in a tuple?

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