The following code shows an Example of Arrow Function in JavaScript.

Basically, we use arrow functions when we need to write a concise function. It represents a shorter syntax of the function. The following code example shows an arrow function to find the power of a number.

    <title>Arrow Functions in JavaScript</title>
      let powerFunction = (x, y) => {
	  return p;
      function findPower()
	a=Number(prompt('Enter the value of x: '));
	b=Number(prompt('Enter the value of y: '));	
        alert(a+' raise to the power '+b+' is '+powerFunction(a, b));
         margin: 100px;
         padding: 50px;
         border: 2px black solid;
         text-align: center;
		<button onclick="findPower()">Find Power</button>


Demonstrating an Example of Arrow Function in JavaScript
Demonstrating an Example of Arrow Function in JavaScript
Arrow Function
Arrow Function
Arrow Function for Power
Arrow Function for Power

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