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In this article, I will provide an introduction to Programming With Python. Basically, Python is a general-purpose programming language. Furthermore, it is a high-level language. In fact, python is one of the most popular programming languages. Because it enables programmers to write applications for a wide range of domains. Evidently, anyone who is just beginning with programming finds it easy to learn. However, advanced-level programmers also prefer to use it. The following list specifies the most popular application areas of python.

  • Image Processing. In fact, OpenCV library of python makes it simple to write image processing applications. However, there are other libraries such as Pillow, and Scikit-image.
  • Data Visualization. Likewise, python has many packages for data visualization. For instance, seaborn is one such package.
  • Machine Learning. Similarly, there are several packages in python that offer popular machine learning functions. For example, we can use scikit-learn package.
  • Deep Learning. Also, python has packages that contain deep learning functions. For instance we can use tensorflow, and keras package in python.
  • GUI Development. Basically, tkinter is a GUI library in python.
  • Web Development. In fact, python has robust and feature-rich frameworks for web development such as Django.
  • Text Summarization. Also, python has many packages for text summarization. For example, we can use SpaCy for it.
  • Web Scraping. Similarly python makes web scraping easier. For this purpose we can use BeautifulSoup library.
  • Likewise, we can perform video analysis using python libraries.
  • Furthermore, we have multimedia and animation library in python. For instance, Pygame is one such library.

Examples to Learn Programming With Python

The following code shows how to display a string on the console. Basically, it is a beginner’s level program to start working with python.
# Print Hello Message



Learning Programming With Python
Learning Programming With Python

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