Java Servlet Practice Questions


The following Java Servlet Practice Questions contain the programming problems in Java Servlet Technology. Basically, servlets are Java programs. Further, servlets execute on Java-enabled web servers. For example, we can use the Apache Tomcat server.

In fact, servlet technology provides us with a way to create dynamic web applications. Actually, Servlet technology consists of an API containing many classes and interfaces. Also, the documentation for the same is available for servlet API. In general, we will use HTTP servlets in the following programs.

Java Servlet Practice Questions with Low Difficulty Level

  1. Write a program to create a servlet that displays the welcome message.
  2. Create a simple interest calculator web page using a servlet.
  3. Develop a dynamic web application using servlets to create and display cookies.
  4. Create a registration form and display the values entered by the user in another page using servlets.
  5. Write a program using servlets to display data from a database table.
  6. Display a servlet that fetches init parameters from web.xml displaying user information.
  7. Write a program using servlets to create and display context parameters.
  8. Develop a dynamic web application using servlets to to demonstrate doGet(), and doPost() methods.
  9. Write an application using servlets to show how forward() method works.
  10. Also, demonstrate the use of include() method in servlets.
  11. Furthermore, show how sendRedirect() method works using servlets.
  12. In order to demonstrate the working of servlet filters create a dynamic web application.

Java Servlet Practice Questions with Medium Difficulty Level

  1. Develop an application using HTTP servlet to process the form data.
  2. Write a program that creates an HTTP servlet to perform session tracking
  3. Create an HTTP servlet to perform various database operations.
  4. Develop a struts application to perform the processing of a form data.
  5. When should we use annotations? Also, Demonstrate the use of servlet annotations in a program.
  6. Create an application to demonstrate servlet listeners.

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