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HTML and JavaScript Examples

This article presents some HTML and JavaScript Examples.

  1. Write HTML code to create a web that displays a list of courses in an unordered list and displays an image in place of bullets.
  2. In order to demonstrate the use of the background-image property, create a web page that displays a web page with a background image.
  3. For the purpose of demonstrating the rowspan and colspan attributes of the table tag, create a Web page that displays the following table. As can be seen, the table has four rows and four columns. Further, in the first row, the first cell has a column span of two. Similarly, in the second, third, and fourth rows, the first cell has a row span of three. Likewise, in the third row, the second column has a column span of three. Lastly, in the fourth row, the third column has a column span of two.
Demonstrating HTML and JavaScript Examples - Using the table tag
Demonstrating HTML and JavaScript Examples – Using the table tag

4. Create a web page with three horizontal frames. The second frame is further divided into two vertical frames. The right vertical frame is divided into two horizontal frames.\

5. Write a JavaScript program that displays the minimum and maximum values from an array.

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