HTML Examples for Beginners

This article presents some HTML Examples for Beginners.

  1. Write the code to create an HTML document to demonstrate the headings from to .
  2. Create an HTML document that displays your name in the center and also displays your introduction in a paragraph.
  3. Also, create an HTML document that divides the web page in three parts. First part should display your name and address. Second part should display your percentage in 10th and 12th. Third part should display your hobbies. All three parts should have different background colors and different font colors.
    Also, display a footer.
  4. Create an HTML document and change background color of the whole document. Add a footer of grey background.
  5. Similarly, create an HTML document that displays your name, Institute name, institute address, phone number and email id in five different lines and five different font size and font color.
  6. Further, demonstrate the use of formatting tags by creating an HTML document.
  7. Another important categorization of tags in HTML is Container tags and empty tags. So demonstrate their usage by creating an HTML page.
  8. Similarly, demonstrate the usage of inline tags and block-level tags.
  9. Likewise, demonstrate the usage of special symbols in HTML.
  10. Also, show how to use the font tag.
  11. Demonstrate the use of lists in HTML.
  12. In order to divide the web page in demonstrate the usage of the Frame tag.
  13. Create an HTML page to show internal links and external links.
  14. Show how to align images.
  15. Also, show how to align images with text.
HTML Examples for Beginners - Basic tags
HTML Examples for Beginners – Basic tags

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