The following HTML code shows an Example of using Font Tag in HTML.

Basically, the <font> tag specifies the font size, font face, and font color. Accordingly, it has the attributes like size, face, and color to change these aspects of the font. However, it is an HTML 4 tag. Therefore, HTML 5 doesn’t support it. Instead we need to use the style attribute with HTML 5.

	<title>Font Tag Example</title>
    <center><h1>Font Tag Demo</h1></center>
       <p><font size="1" face="Arial" color="#fd1122"></font></p>

       <p><font size="2" face="Serif" color="#aa4488"></font></p>

       <p><font size="3" face="courier" color="#1123d2"></font></p>

       <p><font size="4" face="Arial Black" color="#44dd55"></font></p>

       <p><font size="5" face="Times New Roman" color="#ff5533"></font></p>

       <p><font size="6" face="Comic Sans MS" color="#1212dd"></font></p>

       <p><font size="7" face="Forte" color="#aa5511"></font></p>

       <p><font size="8" face="Verdana" color="#9122aa"></font></p>


Demonstrating an Example of using Font Tag in HTML
Demonstrating an Example of using Font Tag in HTML

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