Django Practice Exercise

The following Django Practice Exercise will help you learn the Django framework.

  1. How to create a Django project using the command line?
  2. Since we use a Django app in a project, first, you need to learn creating an app. So, create a ‘Hello World’ Django app.
  3. Also, create a Django Form using
  4. When should we use Django template features? Demonstrate the following: (i) creating template objects (ii) multiple contexts (iii) context variable lookup (iv) playing with context objects (v) template loading (vi) include template tag
  5. Create an app to connect templates with models to serve data dynamically.

Advanced Django Practice Exercise

  1. When should we use Class-Based views in Django? Demonstrate creating and using CRUD class-based views.
  2. How to perform rendering a model in the Django Admin interface?
  3. When should we use validations? Create a dynamic feedback form with validations.
  4. Also, use control statements to create a Django web app.
  5. When should we use Write a Django web app to use parameters in
  6. Write a program for using blocks in Django template and extend base.html in templates.
  7. What is Django humanize? When should we use it? How to work with Django humanize?
  8. How to work with Django Django Template built in tags and filter.
  9. Demonstrate how to handle 404 and 502 pages in Django.

Application-Based Django Practice Exercise

  1. In order to create a Quiz App, use the Django framework.
  2. Also create a TODO web app.
  3. Since a Login system is the core for all web apps that allow user input, create a Django Login system with confirmation email.
  4. Also, create a Django News App.
  5. Similarly, create a Weather app using Django.
  6. How to use a database for submitting a form? Accordingly, create a feedback form.
  7. Create a Chat application using Django.
  8. Also, create a calorie counter.
  9. Using Django create the following: (i) School Management System (ii) Library Management System (iii) Employee Payroll System (iv) Leave Management System
  10. Create a Password Safe application using Django.

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