HTML Practice Exercise


HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the language of the web. Since learning any language is possible by writing the code. Hence, here you are given some basic HTML Practice Exercise for getting familiar with it. Find here some more examples of HTML and JavaScript.

HTML Practice Exercise

  • Create a web page which displays a message “This is my first web page “, using different level of headings. Write an HTML code to display the different paragraphs with different alignment. Use at least three Container tags and empty tags.
  • Write an HTML code to insert three images that are aligned left, right and center. Also, change the background color to blue and give proper heading to the web page.
  • Create a web page that describes you. Use <block quote> to display the address, for sub headings use <pre> tag and use <em> tag wherever you are using numbers. Display a quadratic equation use <sup> and <sub> tags. Use different colors for showing background  & text.
  • Develop an HTML document that displays your name as a heading and displays the name of any four of your friends in a list. Each friend’s name should be a hyperlink. When you click a friend’s name, it must open another HTML document that tells about your friend.
  • Create a web page that has a named link to move on the top of the page and to the bottom of the page.
  • Write HTML code to insert three images that are aligned left, center and right. Also, change the background color to the blue of the web page. Give a proper heading to the web page.
  • Write an HTML code to display the name of courses taught in the institute under the list headings Morning and Evening Courses respectively using different types of ordered and unordered lists.
  • Design an HTML page to display a menu list showing nested ordered and unordered lists. In the end, add a definition list to the menu. For eg
    black hot drink
    white cold drink
  • Develop a web page containing a table with S.No, Name, course, and marks of 10 students.
  • Create a table showing row span.
  • Write code to create a table to show the concept of column span.
  • Create a Table to display the following table with items in the Décor using ordered lists and Hyperlinks. On the click of the Décor items, suitable pages with their images and information should be displayed.
VAT of 12.5% applicable t
Villas1.Dining Room4BHKRs.5000
2. Master Bed Room
3. Kid’s Room
Mansions1.Dining Room5BHKRs 7000
2. Master Bed Room 
3. Kid’s Room 
Flats1.Single Bedroom1BHKRs500
2.Double Bedroom2BHKRs.700
  • Create an application form for admission to undergraduate students.
  • Write code to create a Client-side image map showing different coordinates and opening a link on selecting each coordinate.
  • Develop a web page by creating a two-column frame where the left frame will contain the heading as “CONTENTS” & the right frame contain the message “Select any one of the items shown on the left & you will find five names” . The left frame contains three items animals, Fruits & Birds with bullets.
  • Create a web page with HTML document with headings and paragraphs. Format using pre tags, address, text direction, quotations, deleted and inserted text. Set the font, font size, and color of the text. Create a link and image link. Set the background color of the page to the yellow, background color of heading 2 to red, and the background color of a paragraph to green with styles. Display an image on this page. Also, display a small image and let the image float to the left or right of a paragraph.
  • Write code to create a web page with HTML to display a table with borders and a table without borders. Display table headers. Add a caption to the tables. Create cells that span more than one column/row. Display another table in one of the cells of a table.
  • Create a web page with HTML to display an ordered list, an unordered list, nested list, and definition list.
  • Develop a web page with HTML to display a form with text fields, password fields, dropdown lists, checkboxes, radio buttons and Submit buttons.
  • Create a web page with HTML to display vertical frameset, horizontal frameset, and nested frameset.


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