ASP.NET Practice Exercise


ASP.NET is a technology for creating dynamic websites. Since, learning any technology starts by writing code, here is an ASP.NET Practice Exercise, that you can use to learn ASP.NET.

ASP.NET Practice Exercise

  1. Since, the simplest web page requires the use of these two basic controls, write a program for using Label and TextBox controls.
  2. Another important control from Visual Studio ToolBox is the Button control. Write a program for using Button, LinkButton control
  3. Write a program using ImageButton Control and demonstrate CommandName and CommandArgument properties.
  4. For the purpose of getting information about user’s hobbies and the highest qualification write a program using CheckBox control and RadioButton control.
  5. Create a Web application to demonstrate different properties of the Image control.
  6. Since a Panel control is used to group other controls, write a program to demonstrate the Panel control to show a Login Panel and a Registration Panel.
  7. Write a program to demonstrate following validation controls
  8. To illustrate uploading files on the server write a program using FileUpload control.
  9. In order to show various properties of the Calendar control create a web application. Also, demonstrate the event handling by the Calendar control.
  10. Write a program to display advertisements using the AdRotator control.
  11. Create a web application to display data in a database table with GridView Control.
  12. Also, perform data Manipulation using GridView.
  13. In order to demonstrate Data Binding using DataGrid control create a web application.
  14. As an illustration, show how to delete records through DataGrid control.
  15. Also, show how to add and update records using DataGrid control.
  16. Write a program to Bind data to DataList
  17. Create a web application to Build a DataSet and display it in a Web Control.
  18. Also, illustrate how to build a DataSet with Relationships.
  19. Create an application to demonstrate cookies.
  20. Write a program to store database data in Session State.
  21. As an illustration of Login Control, write a program to demonstrate the Login control.
  22. For the purpose of demonstrating Forms-based Authentication, create a web application.
  23. Create an application to show Page Output Caching.
  24. Also, demonstrate Varying output cache by control.
  25. Write a program to load XML data to DataSet.
  26. Also, write a program to read XML data and bind it to DataGrid
  27. In order to display XML data in GridView and a ListBox, create a web application.
  28. Write a program to create a Web Service.

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