Features of JavaScript

JavaScript is a versatile language with lots of features. The important features of JavaScript are as follows.

  • We can use it for both client side as well as server side web development.
  • It is weakly typed language.
  • JavaScript is object based language. It has lots of built-in objects. Hence, JavaScript makes it possible to perform computation, working with dates and to display dates in various formats.
  • It offers Document Object Model (DOM) that enable web developers to control the page layout programmatically. Even you can add or remove HTML elements with a button click.
  • Being an interpreted language JavaScript runs faster.
  • JavaScript is lightweight.
  • It has features that make your web page interactive.
  • Another important feature of JavaScript is its capability of handling events. So, we can handle several different types of events using JavaScript
  • Furthermore, we can keep some small amount of data on client’ computer using cookies in JavaScript.
  • JavaScript has lots of browser related features available in the form of Browser Object Model (BOM). Hence, it possible to detect which type of browser is used along with its version and type of operating system.
  • Finally, the most important feature of JavaScript is that it is platform independent.

Applications of JavaScript

JavaScript is used in a wide range of applications. Some of the application areas of JavaScript are web development, game development, server side programming, creating shapes and artwork, enhancing the capability of web server. There exist lots of JavaScript frameworks. These frameworks makes web development and mobile development easier and efficient. The important JavaScript frameworks are ReactJS, React Native, Angular, NodeJS, and Vue.js.

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