The following code example demonstrates how to Create a Custom Exception in Java for a bank Class.

Write a program that throws exceptions if the bank balance drops below 1000 due to any transaction.


// Custom exception class for insufficient balance
class InsufficientBalanceException extends Exception {
    public InsufficientBalanceException(String message) {

// BankAccount class representing a bank account
class BankAccount {
    private double balance;

    public BankAccount(double initialBalance) {
        this.balance = initialBalance;

    // Method to deposit money into the account
    public void deposit(double amount) {
        balance += amount;
        System.out.println("Deposited: " + amount);

    // Method to withdraw money from the account
    public void withdraw(double amount) throws InsufficientBalanceException {
        if (balance - amount < 1000) {
            throw new InsufficientBalanceException("Insufficient balance. Minimum balance of 1000 required.");
        balance -= amount;
        System.out.println("Withdrawn: " + amount);

    // Method to check the account balance
    public double getBalance() {
        return balance;

// Main class to demonstrate the program
public class BankAccountExceptionDemo {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        BankAccount account = new BankAccount(2000);

        try {
            account.withdraw(1500); // Withdraw an amount that doesn't drop the balance below 1000
            account.deposit(500);   // Deposit an amount
            account.withdraw(1000); // Withdraw an amount that drops the balance below 1000 (should throw an exception)
        } catch (InsufficientBalanceException e) {
            System.out.println("Exception caught: " + e.getMessage());

        System.out.println("Current Balance: " + account.getBalance());

In this program:

  • We create a custom exception class InsufficientBalanceException to represent the scenario of insufficient balance.
  • The BankAccount class represents a bank account with methods for depositing (deposit) and withdrawing (withdraw) money. The withdraw method checks if the balance would drop below 1000 after the withdrawal and throws the custom exception if necessary.
  • In the main method, we create an instance of the BankAccount class with an initial balance of 2000. We perform a series of transactions, including a withdrawal that would drop the balance below 1000. When the custom exception is thrown, we catch it and print the exception message.

This program demonstrates how to throw and catch a custom exception when the bank balance drops below 1000 due to a transaction.

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