XML Frequently Asked Questions

Given below are some of the XML Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. What is XML? Why is it used?
  2. Discuss the features of XML?
  3. How XML is different from HTML?
  4. What are the building blocks of XML?
  5. How to use XML with HTML. Give its syntax.
  6. How to use CSS in XML? Give its syntax.
  7. What are the naming rules and conventions of XML?
  8. Why XML is called well-formed?
  9. What is an XML parser?
  10. Discuss the different types of XML Parsers?
  11. What is Document Type Definition (DTD)?
  12. How to include DTD in XML file?
  13. What are internal an external DTD?
  14. How to declare an element in DTD?
  15. Discuss the purpose of +, *, and ?in DTD?
  16. What is the difference between CDATA and PDATA?
  17. Explain XML Scheme?
  18. What is a namespace in XML Schema?
  19. How to use XML Schema in an XML file?
  20. Give an example of XML Schema?
  21. What are different types in XML Schema?
  22. Discuss the difference between simple types and complex types in XML Schema? Give an example.
  23. How to reuse a type in XML Schema?

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