HTML and Bootstrap Practice Questions


The following HTML and Bootstrap Practice Questions will help you learn the basics of web designing.

      In mathematics, a quadratic equation is a polynomial equation of the second degree. The general form is

               a1x2+a2x+a3 = 0

      where a1 ≠ 0. (For if a1 = 0, the   equation becomes a linear equation.

  • Create a web page that has named link to move on the top of the page and to the bottom of the page.
  • Write HTML code to insert three images that are aligned left, center and right. Also change the background color as blue of the web page. Give a proper heading to the web page.
  • Write an HTML code to display the name of courses taught in the institute under the list headings Morning and Evening Courses respectively using different type of ordered and unordered list.
  • Write a code for the following list( Definition List)


                  – black hot drink

      Milk               – white cold drink

  • Create an unordered list nested inside ordered list and apply the following : 
    • Insert an image of Main item on top right comer of web page. 
    • Display heading as a marquee. 
    • Use different font styles and colors for different ordered list items. 
    • Insert horizontal line after each ordered item. 
  • Make following five different web pages:
  1. At first, create a web page containg information about formatting styles and headings. The following styles should be there: Bold, italics, Underline, Strike, Subscript, superscript and all six type of headings
  2. Another web page should contain Font Styles and Image tag
  3. The next page should contain Marquee: Move text, image and hyperlink
  4. Finally, create a web page containing other tags: br, hr, pre, p.
  5. Also, create a home page containing links to all the above pages.
  6. Include following specifications:
    1. ln all these web pages only mention about use, attributes apply them.
    2. insert a background image on home page
    3. Also, the topics that each page contains should have links to other pages. Therefore, use hyperlinks for the topics that navigate to some other page for description
    4. Further, insert a marquee showing HTML Tutorial as moving text.
    5. Use different font style for different topics
    6. On every page, make a hyperlink for going back to home page and internal link also.
  • Create an unordered list nested inside ordered list and apply th e following :
    • Insert an image of Main item on top right comer of web page.
    • Display heading as a marquee.
    • Use different font styles and colors for different ordered list items .
    • Insert horizontal line after each ordered item.
  • Design a table with row span and column span and make use of attributes colspan. rowspan width  height  cellpadding, cellspacing etc.
  • We can use frames to divide a web page in different parts. Design following frames in HTML:
HTML Frames
HTML Frames
  • When we create an image map, we can use the different parts of image to vaigate at diiferent URLs. Make an image map showing the usage of shape, coords, href attributes in map definition. Link each hotspot to their respective details. All the web pages should be designed with proper background color, images, font styles and headings.
  • Besides being an important element in HTML, a form presents a means for accepting user input. Design Student registration form for admission in college.

Using CSS and Bootstrap

JavaScripts Questions

  • Write a program to show the usage of in built functions and dialog boxes.
  • Create a web page to show the usage of alert box and confirm box
  • Also, create a web page to implement event handling using onclick, onmouseover and onmouseout events.
  • Create a web page to show the usage of all the date,  math and string object functions

Using XML and DTD

  • When is it appropriate to use XML? Also, write code to displav the bookstore details in XML with CSS and internal DTD.
  • In order to demonstrate the use of external DTD, write code to format the Teacher details in XML with CSS using external DTD

Comprehensive Exercise

  • Design the registration form for a web site and when the user clicks on submit button the login form should be appeared on the screen (use external javascript file).
  • Also, design a website and apply all the features of HTML, css, javascript and bootstrap to make the website attractive.
  • Write a JavaScript function that creates a table by accepting the size of the table from user. For instance, user should enter number of rows and columns from user, and display row-column number as content (e.g. Row-0 Column- 0) in each cell.
  • Create a web page containing zebra stripped table. Also, make use of pseudo classes.
  • Create a Questionnaire related to any topic of your choice by using Form Elements.

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