The following article explains When should we use Spring Boot.

In particular, we can build a wide range of applications. For instance, we use this framework to develop web applications, microservices, batch-processing systems, and more. The following list shows some scenarios where it can be particularly useful.

  1. Rapid application development. In order to quickly build a web application or microservice without spending a lot of time on configuration and setup, this framework can help you get started quickly.
  2. Cloud-native applications. Likewise, this framework is well-suited for building cloud-native applications that run on cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.
  3. Microservices. Since Spring Boot has a lightweight and modular architecture. Hence, we can use it to create microservices-based applications that can scale horizontally and independently.
  4. RESTful web services. Moreover, Spring Boot provides a robust and easy-to-use framework for building RESTful web services. In other words, we can create APIs for mobile apps, web apps, and other applications using this framework.
  5. Data processing. Also, this framework provides support for batch processing and real-time data processing. Therefore, it makes it a good choice for building data-intensive applications.

In short, Spring Boot is a great choice for building applications of all kinds, particularly those that require rapid development, cloud-native architectures, and microservices-based designs.

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