The following article explains What is Spring Boot.

In brief, Spring Boot is a framework that we use to create stand-alone applications. This framework is java-based. Like many other Java frameworks, it is open-source. Essentially, we create stand-alone, production-grade applications with minimal setup and configuration using Spring Boot. Also, it is built on top of the popular Spring Framework. So, it provides developers with a streamlined and efficient way to build web and enterprise applications.

Furthermore, one of the key features of Spring Boot is its ability to auto-configure the application by detecting the dependencies that are required for the project to function properly. Hence, the developers can focus on writing code for the business logic of their application, rather than spending time configuring the environment.

Besides, the web server for Spring Boot is embedded within the framework. Hence, it makes it easy to develop and deploy web applications without needing to install a separate web server. Also, it supports several kinds of data sources and integrates easily with other popular libraries and frameworks.

To summarize, Spring Boot is one of the most powerful frameworks. Therefore, developers who want to create robust, efficient, and scalable applications with minimal configuration and setup time, can use this framework with ease.

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