The following list shows a Spring MVC Exercise.

  1. Demonstrate a simple Spring MVC application that displays ‘’.
  2. Another Spring MVC application should maintain a collection of Book objects in an ArrayList. While, the JSP index page allows the user to view the books of top 10 rating value. When user clicks on that link, the controller returns a Model object of the ArrayList containing book names. These book names should be displayed in result.jsp. Also, make use of the Expression Language (EL).
  3. Create am application in Spring MVC and XML configuration that allows a user to enter the marks of three subjects. When the user clicks on the submit button, it should display the total marks.
  4. In order to demonstrate the use of JSTL, modify the Exercise 2 and use JSTL tags in JSP pages.

Hibernate with Spring MVC Exercise

  1. For the purpose of inserting the Book details in a database table, modify the Exercise 2 in the above section. Make use of Hibernate along with Spring MVC.
  2. Create another Spring MVC application that displays all book records from the database table using Hibernate.

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