MERN Stack Project Ideas for College Students

The following list provides some of the MERN Stack Project Ideas for College Students.

Beginners’ Level MERN Stack Project Ideas for College Students

The following list provides the projects that you can start when you begin learning full-stack development.

Placement Tracker

This web app will enable users to view past companies’ details and add new ones. Furthermore, the app users will be able to view the latest interview questions. Also, the articles from industry experts shall be available to view by all users.

Task Management Tool

In order to keep the track of day-to-day activities, this web app will be definitely useful. It will allow users to assign tasks. Also, the user will be able to perform the following tasks: Mark Complete, Uncomplete, Remainder

Workout Tracker App

Definitely, workout enthusiasts will find this web app helpful. It will allow users to set the name of workout exercises. Also, the users will be able to create day wise schedule. Furthermore, the users can generate weekly reports and activity monitoring.

Public Blog APP

The Blog website app will allow users to create and post blogs. Also, there will be an option for approval so that the blog moderator can approve the blog before it is available for public view. Moreover, the blog will provide Like and Dislike buttons.

Blood Bank Management System

Certainly, this web app will help many people who are in search of the blood of a specific group. The app will make available the details of the nearest blood bank. Also, it will display the availability. Further, the users of this app will be able to register and raise their requests. They will get the response on the app as well as on their registered email ID.

Event Management

Since college students want to be up-to-date with the latest events and happenings in the college, this app will surely benefit them. The app will allow hosting the events, online booking tickets, and attendance management.

Bulk Email Sender

This app will allow users to upload an excel file containing the email ids and send the email to all of these ids.

Advanced MERN Stack Project Ideas for College Students

The following list contains the projects that you would like to do after some hands-on experience in full-stack development.

Online Document Management System

Since an organization requires its people to work as a team, this web app will make it simpler. The app will allow users to share a list of documents. Also, users can edit and save these documents.

Develop A Smart Attendance Capturing Web App

This app will allow the users to take attendance by capturing their pics and matching them in a list.

News Application

Because users feel the need to access the latest news and events, this app will be definitely helpful. The app will allow users to publish their own news or articles in the app itself very easily. Also, the users can add photos to their articles to make them look more attractive

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