In this article on Java Strings – String, StringBuilder, and StringBuffer, I will explain the difference between these three string classes.

  • String is an immutable class in Java that represents a sequence of characters. Once a String object is created, its value cannot be changed.
  • StringBuilder and StringBuffer are mutable classes in Java that represent a sequence of characters. The difference between StringBuilder and StringBuffer is that StringBuilder is not thread-safe, while StringBuffer is thread-safe.

Example of Creating Java Strings Using the String Class

String str1 = new String("Hello");
String str2 = "World";
String str3 = new String(new char[]{'H', 'i'});

Creating Java Strings Using the StringBuffer Class

StringBuffer sb1 = new StringBuffer("Hello");
StringBuffer sb2 = new StringBuffer(5);

Using the StringBuilder Class to Create Java Strings

StringBuilder sb1 = new StringBuilder("Hello");
StringBuilder sb2 = new StringBuilder(5);

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