The following article describes the Difference Between continue and break Statements in Java.

In Java, the continue and break statements are used to control the flow of a loop.

When we need to skip the current iteration, we use the continue statement. As a result of executing the continue statement, the loop moves to the next iteration.For example, if you have a loop that is iterating over an array, and you want to skip the current iteration if a certain condition is met, you can use a continue statement.

The break statement, on the other hand, is used to exit the loop completely. Once a break statement is executed, the loop terminates and the program continues executing the code that follows the loop. Here is an example of using continue and break in a for loop:

for (int i = 20; i < 100; i+=10) {
    if (i == 50) {
    if (i == 70) {

The output of this code will be:


When i becomes 50, the loop doesn’t print it. Bcause the continue statement skips that iteration. Similarly, when i becomes 70, the loop terminates. This is because of break statement.

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