The following article describes the Benefits of using Kotlin that make it popular for Android App Development.

As a matter of fact, Kotlin has become increasingly popular for Android app development. Because it has many benefits that the app developers desire. The following list provides these benefits.

Benefits of using Kotlin for Android

  1. Improved Code Quality. Since Kotlin’s concise and has expressive syntax. So, it can help improve code quality and readability. Hence, it makes it easier to write and maintain Android apps.
  2. Null Safety. Further, Kotlin’s null safety feature helps prevent null pointer exceptions. Therefore, it helps in eliminating a common source of crashes in apps.
  3. Interoperability. Since Kotlin and Java are interoperable, so developers use them together. Therefore, it further enhances the code’s reusability. Moreover, many existing Android libraries and tools available in Java can be used.
  4. Improved Performance. Since Kotlin compiles to byte code that is compatible with the JVM, it is faster in starting an app. As a result, it gives better performance and faster app startup times.
  5. Coroutines. Since Kotlin provides built-in support for coroutines, we can use it to write asynchronous code. Actually, it makes it easier to write asynchronous code for Android apps. Hence, we need not resort to callbacks or threads.
  6. Enhanced Productivity. Because of Kotlin’s concise syntax, extension functions, and other language features, it is easier to work with. Hence, developers write Android apps more quickly and with fewer lines of code.
  7. Community Support. Meanwhile, Kotlin has a growing community of developers who contribute libraries, tools, and resources. Therefore, it helps other developers build better Android apps.

To summarize, using Kotlin for developing apps in Android can help improve code quality, reduce bugs, enhance productivity, and take advantage of the many benefits of the Kotlin language. Therefore, its use in Android app development leads to more productivity and faster development. Also, it leads to apps that perform better.

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