The following article describes the Advantages of Spring Boot.

In fact, Spring Boot is recommended for developing a web application, an enterprise application, a microservice, or a cloud-native application. The following list shows the advantages of using Spring Boot for application development.

Advantages of Spring Boot that make it a Popular Framework

  1. Rapid application development. In general, with Spring Boot we can quickly build and deploy applications with minimal configuration and setup time. Furthermore, it provides a range of pre-configured components and integrations that make it easy to get started quickly.
  2. Simplified configuration. Likewise, it provides a “convention over configuration” approach. In other words, it automatically configures the application based on a set of sensible defaults. This saves developers time and effort by reducing the need for manual configuration.
  3. Modular and flexible architecture. In fact, Spring Boot’s modular architecture makes it easy to build and maintain large, complex applications. Also, it provides a range of integrations with other popular frameworks and tools. So, it allows developers to choose the components that best suit their needs.
  4. Production-ready applications. Spring Boot includes a range of features and tools that make it easy to build production-ready applications, such as health checks, metrics, and security features.
  5. Community support. Lastly, Spring Boot is a widely used and well-established framework with a large and active community. Hence, developers can find help and support easily, as well as access a wealth of documentation, tutorials, and examples.

In short, Spring Boot is a powerful framework. Since it has all the necessary features and desired flexibility for building robust and scalable applications quickly and easily.

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