PHP Practice Questions

The following PHP Practice Questions help you gain expertise in PHP language.

  1. Write regular expressions including modifier operators and metacharacters.
  2. Create a program to show the usage of the nested if statement.
  3. Develop a Program in PHP for type Casting of Variables
  4. Create a PHP application to show the usage of the switch-case statement.
  5. Write a program to show the usage of for/while /do-while loop in PHP
  6. When to use a static variable in a function in PHP? Give an example.
  7. Create a menu-driven program to perform all four types of sorting – Bubble Sort, Insertion Sort, Selection Sort, and Merge Sort
  8. Write a program to implement array_pad(), array_slice(), array_splice (), list() functions.(use foreach wherever applicable)
  9. Create a program to show the application of user-defined functions.
  10. Write a program that Passes control to another page (include, require, exit, and die functions)
  11. Create a program to validate the form data using the filter_var() function.
  12. How to create a simple cookies in PHP that stores a string?
  13. Create a cookie with data containing multiple fields.
  14. How to create a cookie that stores user’s name and age.
  15. Write a program to show the usage of Cookies in PHP.
  16. Create a program to show the usage of Session
  17. Write a program to implement oops concepts in PHP.
  18. Do Form handling In PHP. Design a personal Information form , then Submit & Retrieve the Form Data Using $_GET(), $_POST() and$_REQUEST() Variables.
  19. Design A Login Form and Validate that Form using PHP Programming
  20. Create Admin Login and Logout form using session variables
  21. Write a program to create a file.
  22. Differentiate between w and w+ modes for creating a file.
  23. Differentiate between a and a+ modes for creating a file.
  24. Create a program that uses various PHP library functions, and that manipulates files and directories.
  25. Write a program to read and display the content of the previously created file.
  26. Create a program in PHP that counts the number of lines in a text file. Also, display each line with a line number.
  27. Develop a program to modify the content of an existing file.
  28. Create a web page that provides File uploading and downloading a file.
  29. Design a from which uploads And Display Image in PHP

Advanced PHP Practice Questions

  1. Use phpMyAdmin and perform the following: import, review data and structure, run SQL statements,  create users and privileges
  2. Write a program to create a MySQL database.
  3. Develop a program to create a table and insert a few records into it using the form.
  4. Write a program to select all the records and display them in a table.
  5. Create a program to modify (delete/modify/add) a table.
  6. Write a PHP script, to check whether the page is called from ‘https’ or ‘http’.
  7. Develop a program to verify text data as per the pattern.
  8. Create a dynamic website by incorporating the following functionalities:
  • Implement a basic registration and login system, with styling,
  • Make the database connection
  • Make a connection to a MySQL database, and log in with valid credentials.
  • Create Dynamic, interactive, and database-driven web applications using PHP & MySQL
  • ¬∑Perform some validation checks. If any of these operations cause an error, stop execution and print the error message. The script s hould respond differently depending on the situation.

Add a “Log Out” button to logout from the system

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