How to Find Square Root of Elements of an Array Using Arrow Function in ES6?

This blog describes How to Find Square Root of Elements of an Array Using Arrow Function in ES6.

You can find the square root of elements in an array using arrow functions in ES6 by utilizing the map() function along with the arrow function. For example.

// Array of numbers
const numbers = [4, 9, 16, 25];

// Using map() and arrow function to find square roots
const squareRoots = => Math.sqrt(number));

console.log(squareRoots); // Output: [2, 3, 4, 5]


Square Root of Array Elements Using Arrow Function

In this example:

  • map() is used to iterate over each element of the array.
  • The arrow function (number => Math.sqrt(number)) calculates the square root of each element.
  • Math.sqrt() is the method used to find the square root of a number.

This will produce a new array squareRoots containing the square roots of each element in the original array numbers.

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