How to Create a Survey Form for a Workshop Using StreamLit?

In this blog, I will explain How to Create a Survey Form for a Workshop Using StreamLit.

Creating a survey form for a workshop using Streamlit is a straightforward process. You can use Streamlit’s widgets to create input fields for gathering responses and then store or analyze the collected data. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a simple survey form with Streamlit.

Install Streamlit

If you haven’t already, install Streamlit using pip.

pip install streamlit

Create a Python Script

Create a Python script (e.g., and open it in your code editor.

Import Libraries

In your Python script, import the necessary libraries.

import streamlit as st

Build the Survey Form

Define the survey questions and input fields using Streamlit’s widgets. You can use text inputs, radio buttons, checkboxes, and text areas to gather responses.

Here’s an example of a simple survey form with three questions.

st.title("Workshop Survey Form")

# Question 1
question1 = st.text_input("1. What is your name?")

# Question 2
question2 ="2. Did you find the workshop informative?", ("Yes", "No"))

# Question 3
question3 = st.text_area("3. Please share your feedback on the workshop (optional)")

Capture Responses

You can capture the responses and perform actions with them. For this example, we’ll print the responses to the console.

if st.button("Submit"):
    st.write("Thank you for participating in the survey.")
    st.write("Survey Responses:")
    st.write(f"Name: {question1}")
    st.write(f"Found Workshop Informative: {question2}")
    st.write(f"Feedback: {question3}")

Run the App

Save your Python script and run the Streamlit app using the following command in your terminal.

streamlit run
Workshop Survey Form Using Streamlit
Workshop Survey Form Using Streamlit
Retrieving Responses From Survey
Retrieving Responses From Survey

Interact with the Survey

A new tab will open in your web browser, displaying the workshop survey form. Users can input their responses and click the “Submit” button to see the collected responses.

That’s it! You’ve created a simple workshop survey form using Streamlit. You can customize the survey questions, add more widgets, and store or analyze the responses as needed for your specific use case.

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