MERN Stack

MERN Stack Important Concepts

Today I will discuss MERN Stack Important Concepts. Basically, MERN Stack is another technology stack that uses JavaScript. Similarly, we use it to develop web applications. Like MEAN stack, we can develop full-stack web applications using MERN Stack.

The four key components of MERN Stack are MongoDB, Express, React, and Node. Evidently, MERN Stack uses React in place of Angular. While, the other three components, MongoDB, Express, and Node remain the same.

MERN Stack Important Concepts – Angular Vs React

Like Angular, we use React.js for front-end development. While Angular is a complete framework, React is a library of components. You can learn and start working with React more quickly in comparison to Angular. Moreover, if you need to integrate other third-party libraries into your application, you can do it easily with React. This is because React makes use of pure JavaScript. Whereas, Angular uses TypeScript. So, if you are already well versed with JavaScript, you should go for React. Also, React is faster than Angular since TypeScript also gets converted to JavaScript. React is lightweight and faster.

Unlike Angular, React supports one-way data binding. It means the flow of data remains unidirectional in React. In contrast, Angular supports one-way as well as two-way data binding. One-way data binding makes the React application more flexible and efficient.

Three Tier Architecture with MERN Stack

With MERN Stack, we can develop a web application as a three-tier architecture. So, React will form the front end of the application. Similarly, Express and Node will make up the middle tier. The backend tier is represented by the MongoDB database.


The popular web applications with React as the frontend are Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Dropbox, Pinterest, Netflix, MyntraCodeacademy, and New York Times to name a few.

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