MEAN Stack

Overview of Mean Stack

This article provides an Overview of Mean Stack. Basically, it is a JavaScript-based full-stack technology stack that enables developers to build modern web applications faster. Since JavaScript is the language to develop both client-side and server-side development, developers need to learn a single language only. Besides, this technology stack provides a simple, cost-effective solution. Also, it is easier to deploy.

Overview of Mean Stack – Components

Mean Stack has four components – MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js. In brief, we discuss these components.


Unlike a relational database, a MongoDB database doesn’t have tables. Rather the database is a collection of documents and scales well. It is a type of NoSQL (Not Only SQL) database.

So, a MonoDB database comprises of a number of collections. Within each collection there are several documents. Moreover, the documents within a collection need not have the same schema. In other words, the fields in different documents in the same collection may be different. Therefore, a MongoDB database is schema-less. Further, the fields in a document contain the data and are specified as the key-value pair. Also, each document has a unique object-id.


The MEAN Stack technology stack has Express.js as the backend web-development framework. Basically, it creates the request endpoints. Furthermore, it can be used on the top of NodeJS and offers a rich web functionality. The use of Express speeds up web development. Also, it helps up us integrate several third party applications.


Meanwhile, the third component in the MEAN Stack is Angular. Like Express, it is also used for building web applications. However, we use Angular in front-end development. It is best for creating Single Page Applications (SPA). Moreover, Angular provides better user experience.


It is a framework for server-side development. Like Angular, and Express, the NodeJS is also JavaScript-based framework. It is faster, scalable, high performance, and open-source making it easier to be adopted by the developer community. Since, it uses the JavaScript as the development language, it is easier to learn.

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