Introduction to Django Framework and its Features

In this article on Introduction to Django Framework and its Features, I will explain the Python Web Development Framework Django. Also, I will discuss why this framework is preferred by web developers and its distinguishing features.

Basically, Django is a python based framework that enables you to build web applications fast and in a simpler way. It is an open-source web framework. Indeed, we can create the web applications rapidly using Django since it has components for the common tasks. For other web programming languages and technologies you may need to develop everything from scratch such as authentication module, form processing, email sending, and so on on. Whereas Django provides you these features so that can just focus on developing your application.

Why Django Framework is Preferred by Web Developers?

Since this framework is python based, so those who already have experience in working with python adopt Django as the natural choice for web development. Apart from it, the Django framework is robust and scalable. The following list provides the important features of the Django framework.

Features of the Django Framework

  • Since Django supports a number of databases including both SQL as well as NoSQL databases, so it allows web developers to build their application without regard to the choice of database. Developers are free to use the database of their choice.
  • Because it has built-in internationalisation system so you can create multilingual websites using Django.
  • Furthermore, the availability of Administrator GUI makes the development and maintenance task of websites easier.
  • Django has large number of libraries for common tasks that makes the development robust. This is because the libraries are created by experienced developers and programmers are free to focus on the application at hand.
  • Also, the Django libraries are well tested that reduces the chances of runtime errors and bugs.
  • Django framework offers MVC (Model-View-Controller) design pattern so you can better organise your project.
  • Since Django handles many security issues such as clickjacking, SQL Injections, and cross-site scripting, the Django applications are more secure.
  • Django is highly scalable and has huge community.
  • Moreover, it is open source and has excellent documentation. So these features of Django make it possible for you to get started with it in no time.

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