Top 20 Interview Questions on Java Servlets

The following article presents the Top 20 Interview Questions on Java Servlets. Also, their solutions are available on respective links.

Top 20 Interview Questions on Java Servlets and Their Solutions

  1. What is a servlet? When should we servlets?
  2. What is the difference between a servlet and a JSP? When should we prefer servlets over JSP?
  3. What is the lifecycle of a servlet? Give a code example.
  4. What are the different methods of a servlet?
  5. Compare the doGet() and doPost() methods.
  6. How do you handle form data in a servlet?
  7. What is a servlet container? What are the different servlet containers available?
  8. When should we use ServletConfig? Also, distinguish between ServletConfig and ServletContext. When should we use ServletContext?
  9. How do you handle exceptions in a servlet?
  10. How do you implement session management in a servlet?
  11. What is the purpose of filters in a servlet?
  12. What is a listener in a servlet?
  13. How do you create a servlet that uses a Java Bean?
  14. Compare request scope and session scope.
  15. Also, compare include directive and include action.
  16. How do you handle cookies in a servlet?
  17. How do you implement security in a servlet?
  18. Also, compare a GET request and a POST request?
  19. How do you create a servlet that outputs an image?
  20. What are the best practices for writing efficient servlet code?

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