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Top 10 Basic Project Ideas on AWS

This blog suggests the Top 10 Basic Project Ideas on AWS.

  1. Simple Website Hosting: Host a static website or a basic content management system (CMS) like WordPress on AWS using Amazon S3 for storage and Amazon EC2 for web hosting.
  2. File Backup and Sync: Create an automated file backup and synchronization system using AWS S3 and AWS Lambda, ensuring your important files are securely stored in the cloud.
  3. Dev/Test Environment: Set up a development and testing environment on AWS to experiment with new software, frameworks, or configurations without affecting production systems.
  4. Chatbot Development: Build a chatbot using AWS Lex or AWS Polly, which can answer questions, provide information, or perform tasks based on user input.
  5. Data Analytics with AWS Glue: Use AWS Glue to create ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) jobs and analyze data stored in Amazon S3 using Amazon Athena or Amazon Redshift.
  6. IoT Data Collection: Create a simple Internet of Things (IoT) project where you collect and analyze sensor data from devices using AWS IoT Core, AWS Lambda, and AWS DynamoDB.
  7. Serverless API: Build a serverless API using AWS API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and AWS DynamoDB to create and manage data through RESTful endpoints.
  8. Containerization with AWS ECS: Learn containerization by deploying a basic application using Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) or AWS Fargate.
  9. Machine Learning Model Deployment: Train a machine learning model using Amazon SageMaker and deploy it to an AWS endpoint to make real-time predictions.
  10. AWS Serverless Website: Create a serverless website using AWS Amplify or AWS SAM (Serverless Application Model) to demonstrate the power of serverless architecture.

These basic AWS project ideas are designed to help you become familiar with core AWS services and cloud concepts while allowing you to gradually explore more complex projects as you gain experience with cloud computing.

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