Top 10 Alternatives of the Django Framework

The following article presents the Top 10 Alternatives of the Django Framework.

List of Top 10 Alternatives of the Django Framework

  1. Ruby on Rails (RoR)
  2. Laravel (PHP)
  3. Express (Node.js)
  4. Flask (Python)
  5. Spring (Java)
  6. ASP.NET Core (C#)
  7. Meteor (JavaScript)
  8. Meteor (Node.js)
  9. Sails.js (Node.js)
  10. Phoenix (Elixir).

Since all of the above frameworks support MVC (Model View Controller) architecture, the resulting applications are highly maintainable and easy to extend. Another common feature among these frameworks is scalability. As a result, the performance of developed applications is not reduced during high traffic. Also, some of them like Phoenix offer features like real-time communication and live-view.

However, the Spring framework offers features like Inversion of Control (IoC), and Dependency Injection (DI). It also supports cloud-based deployment. In fact, sails.js also has real-time capabilities. It is scalable, secure, and extensible. Like other frameworks, sails.js supports MVC architecture. Moreover, it performs auto-generation of RESTful APIs.

Meteor is also scalable and has a large community. So, the developers find it easy to work with. Moreover, it has support for real-time updates and reactive programming. As a result, the change in data is quickly reflected in the response. Also, it is cross-platform. Basically, Laravel is a PHP-based framework. Furthermore, it supports Object-Relational Mapping (ORM). Like other frameworks, it works with an MVC architecture. Another important feature of Laravel is URL routing and handling. It has support for templates. Also, it has built-in support for task scheduling. Similarly, Flask is a lightweight framework that has many of the above features.

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