Features of Django Framework

The following article discusses the Features of Django Framework.

What is Django?

Basically, Django is a high-level Python web framework used for the rapid development of secure and maintainable websites.

Important Features of Django Framework

In fact, the Django framework offers many features that help us develop high-quality, scalable web applications in less time. Furthermore, the web applications that we develop using Django are easy to maintain. The following list provides important features of Django framework.

  1. MVC architecture. Since the use of MVC architecture results in the separation of concerns, the resulting applications are easy to maintain.
  2. Object-relational mapping (ORM). Because of the use of Object Relational mapping (ORM), database independence is achieved. As a result, overall productivity, maintainability, and security improve.
  3. URL routing. Meanwhile, URL routing enables clean URLs. Also, it enables better SEO. As a result, overall flexibility, and maintainability improves.
  4. Template engine. Similarly, the use of templates results in the separation of presentation code, and business logic. Also, it helps in easy customization and creation of dynamic content.
  5. Security features (e.g. CSRF protection). Meanwhile, Django offers many security features for web applications.
  6. Admin interface. Likewise, the availability of the Admin interface with the Django framework results in ease of use. Also, it has features like reporting, authentication and authorization, and third-party integration.
  7. Built-in user authentication
  8. Middleware support
  9. Plug-in support through third-party apps
  10. Scalable.

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