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Most Popular Topics for a Web Design Competition

Here I present the Most Popular Topics for a Web Design Competition.

Indeed, a website design competition can bring fresh thinking and out of the box ideas. It encourages young participants to show their creativity and innovative solutions and help in their career advancements. Furthermore, these types of contests help web development firms to hire best talents.

Some of the Most Popular Topics for a Web Design Competition are listed below.

  1. Local Attractions Website. Basically, the idea is to create awesite that help tourists and visitors to gain knowledge about various local places nearby a tourist spot. It may cover local markets, food points and accomodations.
  2. Software Development and Services. Definitely, it is a website to showcase the products and services of a software development company.
  3. Events Website. In fact, this website displays the information about events you are organizing. So, it may include information like theme of the event, its venue, schedule, speakers, event sponsors, registration, and social media links.
  4. Talent Hiring Website. Basically, it is a job website that helps recruiters to find best talents and jobseekers to apply for a job.
  5. Recycling E-Waste. It should showcase the services and processes like pick up, transportation, dismantling, refurbishment, and repair.
  6. Creative Writing Website. Certainly, it should be a website for writers. Furthermore, it should promote the creative thinking of writers.
  7. Live Music. Basically, this website should let users to play music and purchase links along with contact information, social media links, and photos.
  8. Health Tips and Wellness. It should contain information on healthy diets, healthy habits, exercise, yoga, and meditation among other useful information.
  9. Personal Portfolio. It should contain information about yourself, photos, services, skills, and contact information.
  10. Interior Design Website. It should contain information on services, prices, contact information, image gallery, past projects, and clients’ testimonials.

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