Spring Boot Practice Questions and Their Solutions

The following list provides some Spring Boot Practice Questions and Their Solutions.

Application Based Spring Boot Practice Questions and Their Solutions

  1. Develop a simple Spring Boot application that displays ‘Welcome to’.
  2. Demonstrate the use of Dependency Injection and auto-wired with Spring Boot. For this purpose, create an application involving the three classes – RegularFaculty, Visitingfaculty, and AdhocFaculty. Also, create a class faculty that serves as the superclass of these three classes.
  3. In order to create a login application, use Spring Boot MVC. When the user enters the username as ‘’ and the password as ‘programmingempire@abcd123’, the control should transfer tothe page HomePage.jsp. Otherwise, the control should transfer to the ErrorPage.jsp.
  4. Create an application ‘Library Management System’ using Spring Boot MVC. Also, demonstrate the use of JPA (Java Persistence API), and H2 database.
  5. Create aREST service using Spring Boot.

Theoretical Spring Boot Practice Questions and Their Solutions

  1. What is Spring Boot?
  2. When do we use Spring Boot?
  3. What are the advantages of using Spring Boot over Spring framework.
  4. Compare Spring and Spring Boot.
  5. The following list contains some of the Spring Boot annotations: @Controller, @Component, @AutoWired, @ReuestMapping, @Service, @Component. Explain them. Hint. Basically, annotations represent metadata. So, they provide additional information about the program. For instance, @Component marks a Java class or Java Bean.
  6. When do we use JPA?
  7. What is H2 database? When do we use it?
  8. Discuss Spring Boot Query Methods.

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