20+ Programming Problems on PHP Arrays

The following post provides 20+ Programming Problems on PHP Arrays. Also, the solutions are available on the respective links.

List of Programming Problems on PHP Arrays

  1. Sort an array in ascending order.
  2. Perform descending-order sorting.
  3. Find the length of an array.
  4. Remove duplicate values from an array.
  5. Find the highest value in an array.
  6. Find the lowest value in an array.
  7. Also, find the sum of all values in an array.
  8. Reverse the given array using a function.
  9. In order to shuffle an array, write PHP code.
  10. Develop a program for slicing an array.
  11. Also, merge two arrays.
  12. Count the number of occurrences of a specific value in an array.
  13. Check if a specific value exists in an array.
  14. Add a value to the beginning of an array.
  15. Also, add a value to the end of an array.
  16. Then, remove a value from the beginning of an array.
  17. Write a PHP program to remove a value from the end of an array.
  18. Find the intersection of two arrays.
  19. Also, find the difference between the two arrays.
  20. Create a PHP program to split an array into chunks of a specific size.
  21. At some specific position, insert the given element.
  22. Eliminate an element from a specific position in an array.
  23. Sort an associative array by value.
  24. Then, sort an associative array by key.
  25. Search for a value in an associative array.
  26. Develop a PHP program to check if a key exists in an associative array.
  27. Further, write code to get the keys of an associative array.
  28. Then, get the values of an associative array.
  29. Combine two or more associative arrays.
  30. Remove a key-value pair from an associative array.

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