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What is Bucket Sort Algorithm?

In this article, I will explain What is Bucket Sort Algorithm and how does it work.

Bucket Sort is a sorting algorithm that works by distributing the elements of an array into a number of buckets, and then sorting the elements within each bucket. It is useful when the input data is uniformly distributed over a range, and the range is known.

The steps for Bucket Sort are as follows:

  1. Create an array of empty buckets.
  2. Go through the input array and put each element into the appropriate bucket based on its value.
  3. Sort each bucket, either using another sorting algorithm or recursively applying the bucket sort algorithm.
  4. Concatenate the sorted buckets together to get the final sorted array.

The time complexity of bucket sort is O(n + k), where n is the number of elements to be sorted and k is the number of buckets. The space complexity is also O(n + k), as each bucket requires space to hold its elements.

Bucket sort is often used as a subroutine in other sorting algorithms, such as radix sort. It is a relatively simple algorithm that is easy to implement and can be very efficient when used in the appropriate situation.

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