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10 Cyber Security Challenges for a Cyber Security Contest

This blog suggests 10 Cyber Security Challenges for a Cyber Security Contest.

Organizing a cybersecurity contest with challenging scenarios can help participants test and improve their skills while raising awareness about cybersecurity threats. Here are 10 cybersecurity challenges for such a contest.

  1. Capture The Flag (CTF) Challenge: Set up a CTF competition with various challenges, including web exploitation, binary exploitation, cryptography, and network forensics.
  2. Red Team vs. Blue Team Simulation: Create a simulated environment where red teams (attackers) try to breach the security of a network defended by blue teams (defenders). Points are awarded for successful attacks and successful defenses.
  3. Social Engineering Test: Assess participants’ ability to recognize and defend against social engineering attacks, such as phishing, pretexting, or baiting.
  4. Malware Analysis: Provide contestants with a piece of malware and ask them to analyze it, determine its functionality, and propose countermeasures.
  5. Web Application Security Assessment: Challenge participants to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in a web application, emphasizing common issues like SQL injection, XSS, and CSRF.
  6. Network Intrusion Detection: Create a network with various traffic patterns and ask participants to detect and respond to suspicious activities and intrusions.
  7. IoT Security Assessment: Task contestants with identifying vulnerabilities in Internet of Things (IoT) devices and proposing security improvements.
  8. Forensics and Incident Response: Simulate a cyber incident and have participants investigate it, collect evidence, and develop a response plan.
  9. Secure Coding Challenge: Provide code snippets with security vulnerabilities and ask participants to identify and fix these issues, promoting secure coding practices.
  10. Zero-Day Exploit Mitigation: Challenge participants to devise mitigation strategies for zero-day vulnerabilities in a critical system, focusing on patching, network segmentation, or intrusion prevention.

These cybersecurity challenges cover a range of topics and skills, from technical exploitation to incident response and awareness of social engineering tactics. Participants can learn valuable lessons while demonstrating their cybersecurity expertise in a competitive and engaging environment.

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